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Holistic Treatment

Gingolx Holistic Treatment Program is a counselling program for individuals and families of Gingolx Village that have been affected by violence, abuse, and trauma.

Program Focus

Our holistic treatment program focuses on achieving balance in the four aspects of a person:
mind, body, emotions and spirit.

We guide people through the counselling process in which they learn how to acknowledge and discuss issues, which leads to understanding what they think and why they think the way they do.

It is through this process that people are able to resolve their issues and heal.

Deborah Barkowsky MA RPC

Treatment services are provided at our office in the village by Deborah Barkowsky, who has completed the following:

(Diploma) Applied Psychology & Counselling MA (Master of Arts) in Psychology                BA (Bachelor of Arts) in Psychology.

In addition, Deborah recently owned a private counselling practice and has been a Group Clinical Facilitator and Program Counsellor for parent education and addiction treatment programs.


We welcome any questions about the program.
Phone: 250-326-4235.



There is no cost to participate in the program for Gingolx Village individuals. 


All personal and counselling information is kept confidential between the counsellor and the client at all times and is not accessible by any other individuals either in or outside of the community without the express written consent of the client.